About the Owner

Arras Wiedorn, author, artist and owner of the micro publisher, Endangered Art Books,  is a native of Severna Park, Maryland, with a degree in zoology from WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY. She has worked as a husbandry specialist and animal trainer, and is currently a graduate student at TEXAS A&M CORPUS CHRISTI. Arras has had a passion for animals since she was a small child, and is especially interested in birds and conservation ecology.

Arras advocates the work of many bird conservation organizations including BIRDLIFE INTERNATIONAL.

Arras Wiedorn

”I thought it would be great to use art books to teach people about species that they had never heard of, or perhaps misheard of,” Wiedorn explained. “Maybe, that way, people will start to think about how we can conserve those animals.”

JANUARY 13, 2016