A Collaborative Art Book

A Passion for Wildlife and Conservation

The book, LOSING ALTITUDE, began as a dream to inspire in others a passion for wildlife and the conservation of endangered species and evolved into a collaborative effort between artists worldwide. The book was funded through KICKSTARTER and printed with exquisite quality by the ART BOOKBINDERY.

Birds are some of the most beautiful and interesting animals in the world. They live on every continent, and over the ages they have developed all kinds of interesting adaptations to life in all those different places. With such a huge variety of species, shapes, plumages, and colors, birds have inspired artists from the world over.

This art book brings together more than 45 artists from around the globe to illustrate threatened and endangered birds ranging from the little O’ahu ‘Elepaio and tiny Short-Crested Coquette to the magnificent Great Green Parrot and the mighty Javan Hawk-Eagle.

LOSING ALTITUDE Kickstarter video on the Endangered Art Books YouTube page.